Genymotion 1.1.0 (July 18th, 2013)

Migration from v1.0.0

    • When upgrading from Genymotion 1.0.0 version, you will have to download again new virtual device images since existing ones cannot be used.
    • Previously deployed virtual devices can still be used with new Genymotion v1.1.0 but new features will not be available.
    • Older versions of Genymotion plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse are not compatible with the new Genymotion 1.1.0 version. Make sure you update them to 1.0.1 version.

New features

Android 4.2.2 r1.2
    • The Android 4.2.2 r1.2 version is now supported and we have added new virtual devices that use it. You can download and deploy this new virtual devices by connecting to the Cloud using Genymotion client.
Screen rotation
    • You can now rotate the device screen (when the application supports it) using the new rotation button. Depending on the device screen resolution, the rotation might be available on the main screen. Make also sure that the rotation is not locked in the Android options.
Menu button
    • We have added a ‘menu’ button to the virtual device interface which corresponds to the one that some physical real devices have.
Floating toolbar
    • The toolbar in the virtual device interface can now be undocked and placed anywhere you want around the screen.
Custom screen resolution
    • We have added some more predefined resolutions in the list, but you can now configure a custom resolution, with a custom predefined DPI value.
Navigation bar
    • You can now activate the navigation bar display in the virtual device settings
    • Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus virtual devices now display the navigation bar as they should

General Improvements

      • Users can now login using either their username or email address, for both Genymotion application and Genymotion Site.
      • You can now specify the FQDN of your web proxy, instead of its IP address
      • We have added some more precise error messages and log messages to help identify problems
      • We have also created a log file for each application.
        These log files are created under the Genymotion user directory:

        • For Windows Vista/7/8: C:UsersUSERAppDataLocalGenymobile
        • For Windows XP: C:Documents and SettingsUSERLocal settingsApplication DataGenymobile
        • For Linux: /home/USER/.Genymobile
        • For Mac OSX: /Users/USER/.Genymobile


      • Fix System UI crashes when using specific resolution/DPI settings
      • Fix memory leaks in the virtual device user interface
      • Fix deployment problems when using multiple virtual devices
      • Fix DHCP network problem that could cause virtual device starting problems
      • Fix virtual keyboard usage, where every other input methods were disabled
      • Fix RenderScript support in the virtual device
      • Fix Genymotion application crashes on older version of Mac OSX (<=10.6)
      • Fix keyboard support problems under Mac OSX
      • Fix Genymotion Linux 32bits package
      • Remove GPS debugging output in the virtual device logs