Avast Software is a security provider that protects 230 million users, devices, and businesses in 186 countries, with their software and mobile solutions.

“Genymotion is the best emulator I’ve tried”

Vladislav Iliushin is a QA engineer at Avast, and he can tell you – with operations at such a large scale, Avast’s QA department really needs to be on the ball. That’s the reason Vladislav created a QA infrastructure incorporating Genymotion. “It’s fast, flexible, and comes with a great API. They also have the best support service we’ve experienced. Their response time was quick, they resolved our issues, and the interaction felt personal.”

“From the very beginning Genymotion really simplified our work”

Avast Software cares about their users, and it shows. With more than 100M installs all their apps boast at least 4 star ratings in the Play Store. Not an easy feat, but it’s made a lot easier thanks to automatic integration. “We run many tests for our different products every hour. Every automated test we run is one less thing that someone needs to check on manually – that translates to a significant amount of time per QA engineer.”

“Everything is in one place”

The key to Avast Software’s success comes out of providing its users with optimal user experiences. That can only be done with a whole lot of testing. Fortunately, QA Engineers at Avast Software have the right tools at their fingertips. Indeed, instead of working with real devices and a plethora of different parameter combinations, they just have to change virtual device configurations. “It’s great not having to “switch” between a PC and several phones, but to have everything in one place.”

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