Dear All,

Today, we are happy to announce that Genymobile and its services, Genymotion, Genydeploy, Genykiosk, scrcpy and gnirehtet have been acquired by cloud-computing specialist SHADOW. As SHADOW strives to become the definitive cloud platform for businesses, gamers, and creatives, Genymobile will help tremendously by bringing its unique know-how on the Android platform and deep expertise in virtualization into the process.

Why does this acquisition take place?

This acquisition isn’t coming out of the blue. Genymobile and SHADOW have been collaborating on numerous projects this past year. These projects include the development of new virtual machine configurations, as well as exciting upcoming features. They are designed to help achieve the common vision from Arnaud Dupuis, founder and newly appointed CEO of Genymobile,  and Eric Sèle, CEO of SHADOW  and newly appointed Chairman of Genymobile : to take down technological barriers and build a future sovereign cloud-computing environment for consumers and professionals.

How will this affect you?

Nothing will change in the short and mid-term. So, your current account(s) will stay active without any interruption or modification on the contract or your current usage of our solutions (Genymotion, Genykiosk, and Genydeploy).

Genymobile will continue to operate independently at first, but this acquisition is an opportunity to accelerate the two companies’ development, by leveraging new and existing synergies.

This is a new exciting chapter in the history of Genymobile,
one that we are eager to continue to share with you!

Genymobile Team