On the path to better knowing you

If you’re paying a bit of attention – actually, if you actively follow @Genymotion on Twitter – you might have noticed we’ve been regularly asking you questions on your Android Dev life.

Yes we’re curious! We’ve been doing that in the form of weekly Twitter polls and, as we recently shared our 20th, we realized we’ve come to the point we gathered enough answers!

First of all thanks a whole lot! This is awesome as it allows us to better know who you and, as a consequence, adapt the pieces of content we’re sharing with you. The end result? What you now read on @Genymotion is in line with who you are and what you seek in your daily job.

There’s now way we’re keeping this to us!

Exactly! We thought you’d deserve to know too (seemed legit), so we did a selection of 7 polls that define you the most and put them in one single picture. Of course, it will be followed with more complete data (i.e. every single polls). Only for the brave ?

Anyway, maybe you’ll find this in line with who you are… Maybe you won’t! In any case, feel free to give use a shout and tell us what you think. Have a good read!


Feeling adventurous? Here’s the complete data ?