I am excited that our Customers can begin to auto-curate their photos from their inner circle of friends and colleagues using our zero-touch solution. This is made scalable and efficient thanks to Genymotion Android environments.

Geoff Hughes

Regional Director at Fireshot Pte. Ltd.

The Challenge

Fotobot customers using Fireshot, are too busy to store their photos and neatly arrange photo albums. The ones you take are lost among the thousands in your devices and online storage platforms. What Fireshot needed is zero-touch curation, which controls and provides secure access for photo-sharing and streaming the photos into digital photoframes. Additionally, there is no easy way to integrate WhatsApp photos into a photoframe with customers having a lot of photos being shared but not necessarily saved or stored. Providing a service to do this needs to scale and render high graphic images across multiple devices.

The Solution

Working with Genymotion on AWS EC2 and Graviton, Fotobot automates storing each customer’s photos from their WhatsApp groups to Google Photos, each day. Customers can also use this to stream to auto-curate content to digital photoframes with zero-touch.


Privacy is paramount. Login with Google allows permission only to create 2 albums – Portrait and Landscape for the saving of photos. This ensures that power users are able to test the Fireshot service without any risk to their precious family or enterprise albums.

What does it look like?

Inside Genymotion, Fireshot runs a series of applications to gives stream the content from WhatsApp:

Finally the result: a zero-touch stream from Genymotion of perfectly auto-curated photos arriving in Google Photos a few moments after being delivered on WhatsApp…

Final result

…and on an hourly basis, arriving on the digital frame.

What’s next?


Thanks to Genymotion on AWS we can apply our technology at scale: