Use cases

Why would I need Android virtual devices for social media?


Would you like to connect to your company’s WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and a bunch of accounts on your own phone to interact with your users? How about if you’re an agency doing this for multiple companies? Sounds like too many phones.


Virtual devices allow you to access the software of a mobile phone, and emulate a mobile phone, directly from your browser or desktop. They eliminate the need to purchase, customize and maintain a fleet of real phones.


Virtual devices not only eliminate the need to maintain an infrastructure, they are also easier to configure and control than real devices. Just chose the set up of one device, install all the applications you need, and then you can duplicate it easily for any number of clients or accounts.

Why use Genymotion Cloud for social media ?


Our virtual devices will start in a new tab of your browser, just like any software-as-a-service. No need to install anything on your desktop and to master any technical skills: you just started a virtual android phone, in a few clicks


Genymotion Cloud virtual devices can be controlled through ADB tunnel and other protocols ; they will be able to receive and send data. This means you can script and automate some operations, including scheduling your posts.


Extract and get back any data from your social media accounts and create reporting routines to never miss an update! Set up notifications by integrating your virtual devices with job scheduling software; and many more possibilities!

What our customers say:

We use Genymotion on AWS Graviton to deliver a critical service to our clients in marketing and social media. The Genymobile team has always been prompt in their replies, and keen to work with us to find solutions and new suggestions whether it be on complex use cases or security components. They have met our need for flexibility and growth by achieving AWS Graviton Ready status. We appreciate our partnership with Genymotion and always look forward to new updates.

Abe Blackburn

Tech Solutions, Publishing, & Paid Social Director at The Social Element

After a long search for a suitable and scalable Android emulator, Genymotion is now an active part of our social media product.
With the support of Genymotion, especially their engineers, we are now able to scale to a large number of emulators to simplify our
customers’ work on social media.

Dominik Günther

CTO at Lead Control

Interact with users on social media – Don’t install the app on your phone!