Use cases

Why would I need Android virtual devices for security testing ?


With virtual devices, you can execute any desired action on an app that would be possible on a real device, but not only! You can change the location, GSM information, wifi and proxy settings, as well as other elements to simulate any threat or fraudulent behavior with your apps.


When manipulating real devices for security tests, things can go wrong! You are at risk of losing your code or configurations, hence wasting previous hours of work. This never happen with virtual devices, as you can duplicate them as much as you want, and would store the code to deploy outside of the devices!


Security checks can be time sensitive. With cloud virtual devices, there is no waiting line to start testing! Devices will start in a few seconds, in a very predictable way. No time-outs, no hardware failure: work is done faster, at a consistent pace, every day and whatever the time of day you are requesting the service.

Why use Genymotion Cloud for security tests purposes ?


Genymotion Cloud devices are rooted. Access the data and backend to see where elements are edited in real-time, and stop relying on black boxes! Rooted cloud devices provide you with a complete view of what’s happening on the machine, without the need to jailbreak a real device, at your own risks…


Inject the same script on multiple devices to do cross-testing and compare the results! This will help you detect anomalies with specific configurations and solve problems faster. Genymotion Cloud lets you run any number of virtual devices in parallel, for a fixed cost per minute and per device.



Whenever it comes to security, companies have more constraints on the infrastructure they want to use. We addressed this concern by making our Cloud virtual devices on a large choice of platforms: on our own, self-hosted platform, but also on AWS marketplace, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud, and others. Whatever your constraints and compliance rules are, you should be able to use Genymotion Cloud devices!

What our customers say:

We monitor Android apps, using them like real users. Genymotion on AWS Graviton meets our performance and compatibility requirements: we can therefore test and monitor all of our customers’ mobile apps with the same user experience as on a real device.

Benoit Boireau

CTO of Ip Label

Run your security checks on rooted devices with Genymotion Cloud