Automate and scale your tests to reduce your test cycles and improve your app quality and reliability

Discover the power of
test automation

Automate your tests to industrialize your development and speed up your time to market in a cost effective way

Integrate easily Genymotion Cloud to your environment

Enjoy an ADB access allowing an integration with all automation framework and CI environment

Enjoy Genymotion Cloud scaling capabilities

Run your tests on multiple concurrent virtual Android devices at a very large scale, reducing your test cycles.

Genymotion Cloud is available as a SaaS or as virtual images on most common cloud providers (PaaS)

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The power of test automation

Embrace shift left testing to detect bugs earlier: Automated testing mitigates the risk of manual error and guarantees that all relevant tests are performed at the relevant step. By testing early and often, your development teams can easily fix the bugs found since the code is still fresh in their mind, and keep a stable codebase.

Speed up your time to market with confidence: Since tests can be run whenever a modification to the code is pushed, bugs are detected earlier in the process. Release your app with more confidence: faster and better.

… in a cost effective way: Before release, resolving a bug cost less than 50% of a post-release bug.

An easy integration within your environment

Use your Continuous Integration environment in a transparent fashion: compatibility with on-premise CI infrastructure such as Jenkins, Bamboo, Buildbot and TeamCity, etc.

Send adb calls from your CI environment directly in your virtual device into the cloud. It makes your custom script or any tools compatible with Genymotion Cloud

Prepare your virtual device with all the dependencies your application needs for testing (accounts, specific apps, etc.), clone it and re-use it for testing at scale. Simulate any situations or sensors (battery, camera & capture, accelerometer & multitouch, disk I/O throttling, GPS, Network & baseband, sms & call, pixel perfect, Android ID IMEI) and test it against multiple device configurations.

Automatically manage the lifecycle of the virtual devices with Gradle plugin/gmtool CLI on SaaS or cloud providers’ APIs).

Use automation frameworks such as Espresso or Appium to run your tests thanks to ADB protocol

Test pre-production apps and internal corporate apps which needs to access to a corporate private network securely without a hassle (adb reverse command for SaaS, cloud provider’s Virtual Private Cloud). No VPN is needed, no port or IPs whitelisted needed.

The benefits of Genymotion Cloud

Scalability: Increase your testing capacity according to your needs:

  • Parallel testing: run the same battery of tests on many virtual devices with various configurations (for ex android version, screen size…) at the same time.
  • Test sharding: Divide your test suite into groups (shards) and run them on several virtual devices. This reduces the time spent for one test suite to run.

Larger coverage: You can test on more devices with different configurations and make sure no device-specific issues are left aside

Flexibility: Choose your subscription plan from hourly to annual. And choose your cloud infrastructure (Saas or PaaS with cloud providers: AWS, GCP).

Start enjoying Genymotion Cloud?

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Example of test automation use cases

Genymotion Cloud for
App Monitoring

Do mobile app monitoring by running your automated tests on Genymotion Cloud to guarantee the best user experience.

Genymotion Cloud for
Competitive analysis

With our APIs there is now a way to simulate & automate mobile customer journeys and to collect adds data and prices displayed both on mobile websites and mobile app.

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