Run your app on a virtual Android devices in a web browser

Enjoy HD and low latency

… which leads to a range of possibilities!


Genymotion Cloud for App promotion (kiosk mode)

Genymotion allows you to kiosk Android virtual devices with the configuration you want and embed it on your website.

For instance, this allows you to:

  • Promote your app in an innovative way, making your target customers test it before downloading it.
  • Ask your community to test your beta version without the risk of leaking the app before public release

Genymotion Cloud for Mobile Gaming

Genymotion Cloud allows you to showcase your Android gaming apps on a web browser. Gamers will be able to enjoy gaming apps without downloading anything and stop being limited by the storage capabilities of their device!


This will allow to remove all barriers to test and play gaming apps, whether on mobile or desktop

Boost your feedback process

While developing your app, easily share your app and/or virtual device to simplify your feedback process and communication into your development teams and/or stakeholders or clients.

Genymotion Cloud as a Virtual Mobile Infrastructure

Address the needs of both IT and employees to meet optimal security, manageability and usability requirements. Genymotion Cloud allows you to access and use virtualized Android devices via a web browser. Enjoy a ciphered connection and ensure that zero data is collected on the device of your employees.

And many other possibilities!

Genymotion Cloud is available as a SaaS or as virtual images on most common cloud providers (PaaS)

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