MoQuality is a sandbox that enables end-to-end UI mobile testing. Create Appium tests and run them on Genymotion Cloud devices.

MoQuality provides a mobile app testing solutions driven by artificial intelligence which make test automation easier. MoQuality’s SaaS solution integrates an easy-to-use test authoring tool with test runs on both real and virtual mobile devices in the cloud and a dashboard to make your development workflow truly agile. MoQuality’s Robo Testing AI learns from user behavior from several apps and auto-explores each screen in the app and checks for crashes and UI issues.
The MoQuality platform builds and maintains the required test infrastructure and dependencies including managing the devices and running the tests in parallel. The test run errors, device logs, UI issues, performance insights are aggregated, and instantly available in one comprehensive dashboard, which can be shared with the team to recreate and resolve the issues.

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