What is Genymotion on Demand?

Genymotion Android VDs Online and On demand on AWS Cloud EC2

Easy Pay As You Go Access

Enjoy Android OS via a web browser according to your needs. Pay as you go.

The Power of Genymotion

Benefit from the power of the industry-leading Android emulator and its features.

Easy Pay As You Go Access

  • Enjoy Android OS via a web browser according to your needs. Pay as you go!


  • Appreciate a smooth interactive access to a virtual device via a web browser.


  • Seamless ADB access activated through specific settings. Automate your tests on Genymotion on Demand and integrate it with your existing Continuous Integration infrastructure to enable continuous delivery.

Possibilities are endless: Build or extend your own solution on top of Genymotion on Demand

  • Virtual Mobile Infrastructure: Take advantage of a persistent virtual device to have a dedicated work environment with enterprise apps for your employees accessible from a mobile or desktop browser.


  • Android application marketing and sales:  Integrate your virtual device into your website to promote or advertise your android application to acquire new users.


  • Android application performance monitoring: have an agent installed on your virtual device that will automate a customer’s journey and raise alerts if something is wrong.


  • Online App Advertising: Put your virtual device into kiosk mode to lock your app within your virtual device so that the user can only interact with you app and nothing else. You can now showcase your app into displayed ads for on-the-spot testing, without APK download or install and increase conversion rate!

The only limit is your imagination!

Start Enjoying Android OS on AWS EC2 instances

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