What is Genymotion on Demand?

Genymotion Android VDs Online and On demand on AWS Cloud EC2

Test & Run Your App In The Cloud

Run your app on virtual devices in the cloud through your browser.

Easy Pay As You Go Access

Enjoy Android OS via a web browser according to your needs. Pay as you go.

Large Scale & Easy App Sharing

Scale sharding for testing easily without the constraints of local emulation.
Showcase you app on your website.

Clone & Scale

  • Create and duplicate a virtual device or environment with specific chosen configurations.


  • Easily scale the number of virtual device or environment according to the evolution of your needs.


  • Pay as you go: pay for actual usage, without long term contractual commitments.

Automate testing

  • Seamless ADB access activated through specific settings. Automate your tests on Genymotion on Demand and/or integrate it with your existing Continuous Integration infrastructure to enable continuous delivery.

Run, showcase and kiosk

  • Run your app or appreciate a smooth interactive access to a virtual device into the cloud or a web browser.


  • Showcase your app into your website with a kiosk mode to allow your visitor to test your app without downloading it.

Performance adapted

Choose between 4 different offers, depending on the performance needed:

  • Runtime: an entry level Android Platform for service automation or apps not requiring a smooth GUI (t2 small instance at $0.148/hr)


  • Access: a standard Android Platform with responsive GUI for services requiring smooth interaction with a light interface and environment, excluding gaming and video (t2 medium instance at $0.30/hr)


  • Pro: a professional Android Platform to run mainstream Android apps. Ideal for high-end graphic rendering and/or full device environment access with the best experience (m4 large and m4.x large instances at $0.608/hr and $0.715/hr)


  • Performance: a turbocharged Android Platform for those apps with intense graphics UIs or any type of activity requiring outstanding performance (m4.2x large and c4.8x large instances at $1.431 and $7.591/hr)

Start Enjoying Android OS on AWS EC2 instances

Choose your Android version

Android 5.1               Android 6.0               Android 7.0

Possibilities are endless!

Some examples of use cases

Apps Monitoring

Have an agent installed on your virtual device that will automate a customer's journey and raise alerts if something is wrong

Apps benchmarking / stress testing

Spin a large number of virtual devices on the cloud, and measure the system’s response to exceptionally heavy load situations in order to make sure your mobile services will perform adequately.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Automate complex testing on virtual devices to make sure that your enterprise apps and data security are complete, efficient, well implemented and relevant to the current threat levels

Ad campaigns A/B testing – competitive analysis

Simulate user journeys on a mobile phone and collecting data on displayed ads, for various cohorts of users with predefined behaviors and usage profiles.

Help Desk/Customer Support

Pop a virtual device into your web browser, match the phone type the caller is using and increase the quality of your customer support while reducing costs

Online App Advertising

Put your virtual device into kiosk mode to showcase your app into displayed ads for on-the-spot testing, without APK download or install.


Create and provide a secure professional environment available via the Cloud from any dedicated device

Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Use virtual devices and scripts simulating user activity to simplify the setup and operation of mobile threat defense systems by removing the need to use physical devices and actual users.

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