SaaS (Software as a Service)

Cloud-based Android virtual devices to boost your test automation or run your app on your website.

Virtual Devices available on SaaS

  • Easy to integrate and ready to use
  • No infrastructure maintenance
  • Dedicated GPU
  • Faster ADB performance
  • Concurrent Virtual Devices
  • Unlimited use
  • Compatible with testing frameworks
  • Integrated with major CI tools


  • GPS & Accelerometer
  • Battery
  • Disk Throttling
  • Calls/ SMS & network quality
  • Webcam / Image as Camera
  • Sound Support


Access devices and get billed on the Genymotion platform, with an intuitive, user-friendly interface where you can easily keep track of your usage.

$0.05 per minute / $3 per hour per device, all included

For yearly plans, more concurrent devices, large volumes or a dedicated Cloud, feel free to contact our Sales.


  • Advanced / Technical
  • Working hours only, Paris time
  • 5 day per week