Device image (Cloud providers)

Choose the provider that suits your needs to adapt to your existing infrastructure or build your own solution on top of Genymotion!

Main Features

  • Compatibility with Play Services
  • Java & HTTP API
  • Device property changes: brand & model
  • Available from Android 5.1 to Android 12.1
  • Create Virtual Devices with or without GPU
  • Start / Stop any number of devices instantly
  • Pay per hour or per second
  • Integrate your bills to your regular Cloud bill


  • GPS & Accelerometer
  • Battery
  • Disk Throttling
  • Calls/ SMS & network quality
  • Webcam / Image as Camera
  • Sound Support

Android in the Cloud

Android Virtual Machines available on-demand on AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Azure, Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure marketplaces with a high-quality display in your web browser as well as SSH and ADB access.


$0.5 per hour per device (+cloud providers fees)

Discounts available for large volume and usage or a commitment on our platform.


  • Advanced / Technical
  • Working hours only, Paris time
  • 5 day per week

For any on-premise request or need, feel free to contact our Sales.