Genymotion Cloud PaaS

– How to install an auto generated certificate? –


1. From your EC2 management console, in Network & Security/Elastic IPs section, create an Elastic IP address.
This ensures that the IP address will not change.

2. Set up your DNS domain name according to the Elastic IP address.

3. Make sure that the Security Groups configured on your instance allow 80 and 443 port connection from all IP addresses.

4. From the EC2 management console, associate your instance to the Elastic IP address.

5. In Actions > Instance Settings > View/Change User Data, modify its user data.
Add :

 { "user_dns" : "yourdns" }

where your dns is your DNS.

6. Start the instance.

7. Go to your DNS.


Additional information

You can use multiple DNSs using ‘,’ as separator in the user_dns field in the instance user data settings.

   "user_dns" : "yourdns1,yourdns2",


If you want to modify the user data settings and want to generate a new certificate, you must run the following command using an adb tunnel connection:

adb shell am startservice -a genymotionacme.clear -n com.genymobile.genymotionacme/.AcmeService
adb shell am startservice -a genymotionacme.generate -n com.genymobile.genymotionacme/.AcmeService