Genymotion Cloud PaaS

– How to change resolution? –

From a web browser

1. Click on the resolution icon from the widget toolbar on the right


2. Choose your resolution



3. The device will reboot directly after

4. Refresh. It can take several seconds to be able to access to the virtual device since we need to wait for the device to be fully booted.

5. Done

From command line

You need to be in the virtual device shell to run those commands.

Android geometry (size and density) can be changed with the following properties:

$ setprop persist.graph_mode WidthxHeight-Depth (e.g. 720x1280-32)
$ setprop persist.dpi dpi (e.g. 240)
$ reboot


1. To get the API reference, refer to Documentation → API Reference → POST /android/resolution

2. To set it directly from the user interface, click on “Try it out”.

3. Set your resolution, click on execute.

4. Reboot the device.