Genymotion Cloud on AWS

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Get Genymotion Cloud on AWS

1. Login to aws

2. Search for Genymotion on Marketplace

3. Click Continue
In 1-Click Launch section:

4. Choose the region

5. Choose the right instance depending on your needs in EC2 Instance Type section.

Some instances are more appropriate for some use cases. We recommend some instances below in case you don’t know which one to start with.

If you need more information on ec2 instances, go here.

6. Choose your security group to define the rules for where your Genymotion instance will be accessible (for more information on how to create your security group, check the Requirement > Communication part, pages 5 & 6, in the Genymotion Cloud PaaS user guide).

7. Accept software terms and launch in 1 click

By default, the instance created has 4GB. This is enough for google apps and an application of 1GB to run. If you need more space, go through the ManualLaunch section instead of the 1-Click Launch section. During the step: Add Storage, you will be able to adjust the size of the storage disk by changing default value in the Size field. Note that only the /data partition will be resized accordingly.


Access Genymotion instance from web browser

Once the initial setup is done, the instance is automatically starts. It can take up to 2 minutes before the instance can be accessed through the browser.
Compatible browsers are: Chrome, Opera

From manage EC2 Management console in Instances, select the instance you want to access. In the description section at the bottom, copy the hostname or public IP and paste it to your web browser.

public-DNS (1)


You will have this warning because our certificate is autosigned:


If you don’t want a warning, you must install a trusted certificate. We provide a docker that uses Let’s encrypt servers to generate a certificate and install it on the instance. Please refer to our project on Github.

If you already have generated certificates our Github project will help you set them up.

If you don’t want to use the docker you can also refer to our Github project.


Proceed to the address.

Authenticate yourself:

By default, the username is genymotion and the password is the ID of the instance ID you can get here:



If you want to change the ID/password, refer to this tutorial.


Access Genymotion instance from command line

You can also access to the instance with SSH. 

$ ssh -i key.pem [email protected]_ip

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