Genymotion VD for AWS

– Frequently Asked Questions –



How do I install google apps?
Please refer to this tutorial

How do I  install an apk?
Please refer to this tutorial


Configuration & CLI access

What port should I open on AWS firewall rules?
– ssh IN TCP 22
– http IN TCP 80
– https IN TCP 443
– wss IN TCP 51001
– wss IN TCP 51002

We use webrtc to create a peer to peer connection. This peer connection uses a dynamic port.

– webrtc IN TCP and UDP 32768-61000

We do not recommend opening the adb port. The adb connection is neither secured nor authenticated. Instead we recommend creating an ssh tunnel (see adb paragraph). If you do decide to open the adb connection, here is the port

– adb IN TCP 5555


What port should I open on the client side?
To be able to access your VM, you need to be able to connect to

– ssh OUT TCP 22
– http OUT TCP 80
– https OUT TCP 443
– wss OUT TCP 51001
– wss OUT TCP 51002
– webrtc OUT TCP and UDP 32768-61000
If your company is using a proxy, please make sure to allow HTTP CONNECT on any ports.

If the proxy is a SOCKv5 proxy, you will also need to allow UDP ASSOCIATE.


How do I gain access to my VD on AWS via ssh?
Your public key will be retrieved from aws metadata at the boot time. Use your corresponding private key to get ssh access.

$ ssh -i key.pem [email protected]_ip

If you want to avoid to add -i key.pem at every ssh commands, make sure to have a ssh-agent configured and then add the key with

$ ssh-add key.pem


How do I change or disable the basic authentication?
Please refer to this tutorial


How do I change the resolution?
Please refer to this tutorial



How do I enable/disable adb?
Please refer to this tutorial


Web browser

How do I get access from a web browser?

You can directly connect to the instance with this URL: https://instance_publicIPorDNS

From manage EC2 Management console in Instances, select the instance you want to access. In the description section at the bottom, copy the hostname or public IP and paste it to your web browser.

public-DNS (1)


The instance creates a self-signed certificate at the first boot. You must accept it to connect to the instance.

Please refer to this tutorial on the Product access page


What web browsers are compatible?

Chrome and Opera


Support & roadmap

What support do you provide?
Please refer to the Support page


Do you plan to provide Lollipop / Nougat / KitKat versions?
Yes we are working on it. Lollipop / Nougat should be available before the end of the year. We also hope to port it on KitKat.



Can I run any application?

Yes however resource intensive 3D games won’t run smoothly.

Accelerated AWS instances have issues from time to time and have not been included yet.


What instance should I run for CI / Web browser interaction / games?

Please refer to this page



What is the pricing for Genymotion VD for AWS?
Please refer to the pricing on AWS marketplace