Lock down any Android device into a single app

A simple yet effective solution to focus on user experience



Focus on content with a restricted


Manage and update your configuration anytime from our web console.

Monitor & Report

Keep your fleet operational and manage incidents with our monitoring console.
Collect usage statistics.

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Single-Purpose Android Devices For A Simpler UX

  • Maintain Focus On Your Content, On Your Android App
  • Display The Content You Want, Focusing On Your Industry, On Your Users Needs (healthcare, travel, retail, finance, restaurants, hospitality, etc.)
  • Intuitive For End Users From The First Touch

Restrict Unnecessary Android Options

  • For More Productivity & Business Use Cases
  • For Less Maintenance & Fewer Helpdesk Calls


Update Android Configurations Remotely

  • No On-Site IT Staff Required
  • No Outdated Content Or Configuration
  • Intuitive Web-based Management Portal
  • Update configuration in parallel on one Android device, many or all!

Keep Your Android Fleet Operational 24×7

  • Continuous Monitoring and Alert
  • Track and Monitor A Variety of Android Device Parameters
  • Resolve Device Malfunctions Before They Become Business-Blockers


Improve Your Bottomline

  • Know Exactly How Your Android Devices Are Used
  • Measures Engagement Levels Of Users
  • Test New Ideas Immediately
  • Increase Meaningful Engagement
  • Reduce Costs

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