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Configure, enroll and deploy

Genydeploy, the easiest deployment & enrollment solution for Android

Save over 99% on Android deployment time


  • On any Android device
  • Android Applications
  • Files and data


  • Mail accounts,
  • Entreprise Mobility, Management Solutions
  • Android Enterprise apps,

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Configuring your device fleet has never been so easy!

  • Brand devices: set a wallpaper, copy files, display shortcuts on the home screen
  • Install apps from APK files or
  • Google Play Store

Accounts and EMM

In 37% cases, EMM applications are installed on the Android device but not enrolled. For more security, Genydeploy allows to enroll the EMM and email accounts:

  • EMM enrollment
  • E-mail account configuration
  • Android Enterprise app configuration

Wireless and Networks

  • Set APNs and select a default APN,
  • Add Wifi networks with or without password,
  • Enable or disable GPS,
  • Enable or disable NFC,
  • Enable or disable Bluetooth.

Intuitive interface

Our Android configuration tool Genydeploy can be used easily by everyone involved in Android configuration processes:

  • Basic interface for deployment operators,
  • Advanced interface for administrators.

Battery & Other

  • Monitor Android battery charge level,
  • Add Internet browser bookmarks.

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