Android versions

  • Android 7.0 to 12.1 have been updated to version 13.1.
  • Android 10.0 is now a user build.

New features

User build

With this release, the Android 10.0 version is now a user build. Along with the dynamic rooting feature that was introduced in v13.0, this will help running some picky apps and games. Feel free to give your feedback on this feature on our GitHub discussions.

Other Android versions are still rooted userdebug builds.

IMDSv2 support

This is specific to the AWS marketplace: all our images now support IMDSv2 by default.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed incorrect notification icons in dark mode.
  • Added missing configuration checkboxes in the share page, for the microphone and baseband widget.

Known issues

The following features don’t work properly:

  • The external storage feature is not operational, and will be fixed in a future release. Please reach out to our support team if this is a blocker for your use cases.
  • In a few cases, the camera image appears upside down. This issue will be addressed in a future release.
  • Some items of the “Instance Information” page are not properly translated on language change. This issue will be addressed in the next release.