Android 12.1 for Genymotion Device Image

Android 12.1 Genymotion Device image for Cloud providers.

Android 12.1 is now available on Cloud providers! We have released arm64 (armv8) images on Alibaba, and x86_64 images for...

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New Genymotion Device Image v13.0

Genymotion Device image 13.0.0

After a long wait, Android 7.0 to 11.0 images have finally been updated to version 13.0! With this new version,...

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Genymotion receives “AWS Graviton Ready” status

A year ago, and after 4 years of successful cooperation with AWS already, we launched our first Android 8.0 Virtual...

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ARM Native Android environment now on AWS

Ensuring the best time performance for our users has always been a major focus for the Genymotion team; in fact,...

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