In this privacy notice, you will find information about how Genymobile collects and handles information about you and your usage of our product in order to offer you the best possible service.

You will also find information about your rights, in particular how to request a copy of your data file and how to have us delete all information we keep about you.

A – Who is collecting the data?

Genymobile SAS is a French company based in Paris and Lyon, with activities in the United States operated through its subsidiary Genymobile INC, based in San Francisco. Once a small software development company specializing in Android applications, we emerged as a software provider in 2013 with our well-known Android emulator Genymotion.

Our company culture is built around transparence, collaboration, and community spirit. Our employees are true Android fans, and our developers have consistently thrived in playing a part in the ecosystem, notably through giving talks at conferences and publishing Open Source projects. We are committed to deserve the trust of our users, and for this reason we make a fair and sensible use of the data we collect.

B – What data is being collected?

Data is collected in three different occurrences.

In the first case, it is data that you consciously and willingly give to us, since it is information that you enter yourself.

  1. When you fill forms on your website: that includes your email address, as well as the information about your company and your country that you are asked to provide when creating an account. It also includes information provided when making a purchase, such as your first name, last name, company address, etc.

In the two other cases, you might not be aware that this data is collected, and that’s why we are expliciting it here:

  1. When you browse our website or solution: the pages you visit, associated with technical information such as your browser and OS, and macro location information, e.g. your country, is collected when you browse our website, and our solution
  2. When you use our desktop product: your usage of the Genymotion emulator is recorded and can be described over two mains areas: (i) virtual devices you create, launch, and stop, and (ii) features you use, such as sensors, widgets, or scripting tools.

In the subsequent parts of this document, we will refer to these pieces of data using the acronyms B1, B2 and B3.

C – How will the information be used?

The information described above will be used for the following purposes:

B1 data will be used to better know our customer base. This means answering questions such as: is our product mainly used by big corporations or independent developers? Are our users more involved in software development, or rather testing and DevOps practices?  In this context, the data will only be used at an aggregated level.

Since B1 data also contains your email address, it might also be used to communicate with you. This may happen in three different contexts:

  • Transactional: you will be receiving an email to confirm your subscription to our product, or, if applicable, your purchase of a Genymotion license with a copy of the invoice.
  • Marketing: you will be receiving our newsletter if you opted-in to receive news and updates about our product. You can manage your marketing email preferences both within our platform, and through the unsubscribe link which you will find at the bottom of each of our newsletters.
  • Security: you will be receiving specific alerts if your data has been compromised by a breach in our services as required by the law.

B2 data will be used to improve our website, mainly in terms of User Experience (UX). The browsing data is aggregated to obtain statistics about signup rate or engagement depending on the configuration of our website. This helps us determine how our website can be the most effective and the most appreciated by our users. In this context, the data will only be used at an aggregated level, and the modifications we will implement based on these insights will be the same for everyone. We do not propose different versions of our website depending on the user profile.

B3 data will be used to improve our emulator, mainly in terms of features and technical functionalities. The usage data is aggregated to obtain statistics about most / least used virtual devices, features and widgets, and helps us prioritize future developments on our product roadmap, based on which features have shown the best adoption. In this context, the data will only be used at an aggregated level, and the modifications we will implement based on these insights will be the same for everyone. We do not propose different versions of our product depending on the user profile.

In more specific contexts, though, we might have to go back to the user level and check the data of a specific user. The main purposes of these actions are:

  • Technical Support: when you log a ticket with us, our support team might have to check your specific usage in order to investigate the technical issues you are experiencing.
  • Onboarding Monitoring: when you are testing the product for extensive use, we might have to monitor your usage of the product during the onboarding period in order to verify that all aspects of your use case have been successfully tested with us prior to proceed with a commercial proposal.

If you don’t want to be part of the statistics collection, or if you don’t want to have your usage monitored, you can disable part of the data collection. You will find more information about this in section G.

D – What is the legal basis for collecting the data?

In compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we wrote this document to inform you before the data is collected and make sure you consent to our policy.

When creating an account, the link towards this policy will be provided to you. You need to read and accept this policy to create an account. By consenting to this privacy notice, you are giving us permission to collect and process your personal data as specified above and for the purpose identified.

If you disagree with the policy, we will not be able to provide services to you, so you cannot create an account.

E – How long will the data be stored for?

The data will be stored until you revoke your consent to have your data collected and stored by us. Please refer to the next paragraph to learn about how to revoke your consent.

F – What rights does the data subject have?

At any moment of time, you are entitled to:

  • Revoke your consent: since your consent is necessary for us to operate, revoking your consent means deleting your account. You can delete your account from our website, in your profile section. Deleting your account immediately deletes the records associated with you in our database, except our sales records, which obviously we are required to keep by the law.
  • Request a copy of your data file: this is called Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). Essentially, we have 30 days to respond to your request and send you everything we have about you. How to ask for it? Simply email us at: [email protected] with “DSAR” in the subject title of your email. Your email should contain the email address with which you subscribed to Genymotion, otherwise we won’t be able to find you!

G – What options does the data subject have?

B1 data is mandatory for us to operate, but B2 and B3 data is only used to improve our product. As a result, if you don’t want to be part of the statistics, you can:

  • Use an Ad Blocker with the option to disable tracking while browsing our website. This will prevent B2 data from being collected. Please note that it might deteriorate your experience when browsing our website.
  • Opt-out from our product statistics within Genymotion Desktop. This will prevent B3 data from being collected. You can update your preferences regarding statistics at any point of time in Genymotion Desktop.

To power our website, we also use cookies. A cookie is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier, that is sent to your browser from our website and is stored on your computer’s hard drive. Cookies are required to use the Genymotion service. We use cookies to record current session information, but do not use permanent cookies, so this is not part of the data we “collect”.

H – Will data be shared with any Third-Parties?

Your data will be shared with the following Third-Parties:

B2 data will be stored into Amplitude Analytics, a Marketing Analytics cloud-based solution based in the United States. Amplitude is compliant with the GDPR and is compliant with the Privacy Shield Frameworks which guarantees a fair use of European users’ data by American companies. You can learn more about how they handle data by following this link. Before reaching Amplitude, your data is routed by

When creating an account with us, you will receive a confirmation email. This email is sent by Sendgrid, which means that we share your email address – and only your email address, not the information you filled in the account creation form – with this tool. Sendgrid meets GDPR’s requirements and is compliant with the Privacy Shield Frameworks which guarantees a fair use of European users’ data by American companies. You can learn more about how they handle data by following this link.

In addition to this, if you have opted in to receive our news and updates, your email address will be shared with MailChimp which is our Email Services Provider. MailChimp meets GDPR’s requirements and is compliant with the Privacy Shield Frameworks which guarantees a fair use of European users’ data by American companies. You can learn more about how they handle data by following this link.

Should you also contact us for technical support, your ticket will be logged into Zendesk, including all elements you put down in our contact form. If you get in touch with our Sales team, you might also be registered in Zoho, our CRM platform, and, of course, gmail, if you exchange emails with any employee of Genymobile.

If you buy a license on our website, your data will transit through either Paypal or Stripe, and will be verified by Signifyd, which helps us to fight fraud.  

Last but not least, our technical stack is built on:

  • OVH / soyoustart : hosting provider
  • Cloudflare: CND and DNS provider

These Third-Parties are services that Genymobile SAS uses either to power its core technology or to support its SG&A functions. By no means is Genymobile SAS disclosing any information about its users or customers in a different purpose. In particular, Genymobile SAS is not selling data to any Third-Party, and is not sharing data as part of commercial agreements.

ToolZonePurposeData SharedPrivacy Policy
AmplitudeUSAMarketing AnalyticsBrowsing Activitylink
CloudflareUSACND / DNS ProviderTechnical datalink
GmailUSAProfessional EmailingEmaillink
MailChimpUSAMarketing EmailingEmaillink
OVHFranceHosting ProviderTechnical datalink
PayPalUSAPaymentPayment datalink
SegmentUSAWeb AnalyticsBrowsing activitylink
SendgridUSATransactional EmailingEmaillink
SignifydUSAFraud DetectionPayment datalink
StripeUSAPaymentPayment datalink
ZohoIndiaCustomer Relationship ManagementEmail, name, companylink
ZoominfoUSASales & MarketingEmail, Name and Companylink