Engagement at Scale: AppsFlyer conducts global training with Genymotion

AppsFlyer case study illustration

AppsFlyer is a SaaS mobile marketing analytics and measurement platform. It helps companies measure and optimize their user acquisition funnel to effectively run, and analyze their mobile marketing campaigns while preserving customer privacy.

An SDK integrated into the mobile application does the measurement and provides deep insights into which marketing campaign & media sources drove the installation and where brands can best focus their marketing activity aimed at attracting and retaining customers and app users.

“Thanks to Genymotion, we have been able to scale our training without sacrificing learner engagement.”

Josh Brown

External Training Program Manager at AppsFlyer

The challenge: Conduct internal and external product training worldwide

Going from clicking on a mobile application to its installation and how this information appears on the AppsFlyer dashboard may seem like a mystery that works. To address this, AppsFlyer provides two types of training:

  • internal training sessions, known as the regional academy, to help new employees understand how the product functions.
  • external training through their AppsFlyer MasterClass program, primarily aimed at marketers, partners, and advertising agencies. This provides a comprehensive overview of how all the puzzle pieces fit together and offers prospects to showcase the value of AppsFlyer.

With more than 1,500K employees in 20 offices worldwide and 10K integrated partners and tens of thousands of customers, using physical devices for training is challenging.

In the past, mainly during regional academy events, approximately 15 physical devices were used at a central location. For MasterClass, a physical box containing 40 Android devices was provided. Customers were also asked to use their own devices.

Pre-training device preparation and post-training reset of the devices were time-consuming and could take days to complete. Moreover, during COVID, on-site training was no longer possible. This led to the creation of remote training with virtual devices.

The solution: Genymotion SaaS

Genymotion SaaS is the ultimate solution to replace physical devices and simplify both physical and remote training. Trainees can access and engage with the mobile device easily through a web browser without the need to use their own devices or install anything on their computers. Besides, there are no pre or post-training tasks required to prepare and clean devices, as each device is configured specifically for the training without any past data generated from previous training.

The results

Thanks to Genymotion SaaS, the AppsFlyer team has been able to hold more training. This includes one regional academy per month per region and 1-2 AppsFlyer MasterClasses per month. This training has helped their trainees become more engaged and understand how the AppsFlyer product works.  Additionally, the AppsFlyer trainers can now focus on preparing the training instead of spending time on repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as preparing devices.

Internal training

In addition to new employees training, a large-scale R&D training (400 employees with 400 Genymotion devices running) was made possible, helping all parts of R&D to further understand how AppsFlyer’s customers use their product and bring more meaning to their daily work.

External training

After completing the training, marketers better understand how their data is recorded. This helps them gain more experience and trust in the system and the product.

Additionally, Genymotion devices can be easily accessed from a web browser, making understanding the entire workflow easier. So, marketers can see how their created link leads to an install and how it is displayed on the dashboard.